Personalize and Design Your Wedding Party for Fun Moments

Design your wedding party would be fun and unique if you could personalize it based on your style and taste. As brides and groom, you have homework on how your wedding could show off about you but quite entertaining for the guests. There are a lot of fun ways you could try to personalize your wedding from guest book, special toast, and campfire, sweet treat and informal moment. Well, don’t be too strict with your wedding. Relax!

In many weddings, there are a lot of photo booths. You could use colorful curtain as the backdrop for the guests to write messages for you and let the guests to take photographs there. It means you will need to provide dry-erase board and markers. This way is interactive but less expensive.

Next is about having one toast with your favorite liquor instead of choosing the pricey tasting bar. Limit the amount for everyone who drinks and then allow serving better quality of liquor.

It brings no regret at all to have campfire feel especially for outdoor wedding by creating lounge area so guests could hang out and talk. Support the place with coffee station to serve hot toddies and lattes.

There is nothing better than sweet treat for midnight snack. Give milk and mini donuts packaged in box. Or, you could offer a package of cookies iced.

The last, it is better to design your wedding to not too formal. Too formal wedding will be too strict. For after-party, it is better to rent a bus or van to drop guests off for local nightclub. You could join with them or you could enjoy your time with your groom. Sometimes, bride and groom don’t go for that.

It is very important to know that make sure your guests living with wonderful time to make a huge success for you to design your wedding party.

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